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SUN BEARS- [Helarctos Malayanus] Are a species of bear endemic to Southeast Asia such called because of the distinctive yellow/beige crescent under their ridiculous faces. they are the smallest of the bears (disregarding marsupial imposters such as koalas) and are roughly the size of an average to small Labrador.

Sun Bears are ruthlessly poached and captured for the Chinese Traditional medicine trade, which uses “bear bile” in almost everything, ranging from epilepsy cures, treatment for gall stones and poor eyesight and even cough sweets, shampoo and toothpaste. Captured bears are kept in cages, where their teeth are pulled out, their claws broken and their gall bladders are cut open and catheters are attached, allowing a bile “yield” of 3 to 5 years. Needless to say the bile has been found to have no positive health benefits.

┬áThe Killing of Sun Bears is strictly prohibited in the animal’s range and numerous wildlife centers help to recapture and rehabilitate captive bears, even those from bile farms. for more info on sun bears: